A Professional Guide to SPA Facials

A Professional Guide to SPA Facials

When it comes to skin care health, your face draws the spotlight. You express emotion with every part of your face – lips, eyes, forehead and cheeks. Each area needs special treatment so it’s best to rely on a trained Esthetician to share their professional touch and expertise with you.

Wondering how best to choose a Skin Care SPA? Start by finding a reputable SPA. Read third party reviews – good and bad – to decide if the SPA is the right fit. Use the facial name and description as a guide but ask that an Esthetician choose what type of facial you should receive. Request extra time for consultation during your first visit so the treatment time is not cut short as you discuss what facial you should receive.

Research the product line(s) used and experience level of the Estheticians.  Facials should not have a “one size fits all” approach. There is not one cleanser or moisturizer that works for everyone. Beware of any product that makes this claim. Make sure the Esthetician has plenty of product choices. Because what works for you in the hot, humid summer is not necessarily going to be the answer during cold, winter weather.

Professional Skin Care Treatments Improve & Maintain The Health of Your Skin

Professional skin care treatments should be part of your regular routine to improve and maintain the health of your skin. At-home skin care product recommendations are an important part of every SPA facial.  Listen to their advice and try a new product or two between every facial. Changing all your products at once will not necessarily let you know what product(s) is or is not causing results.

An experienced Esthetician also knows what questions to ask to understand what else might be triggering unwanted skin conditions like dryness, redness, oiliness, break outs, premature aging and inflammation. Recommended changes in lifestyle can also help improve skin health.

Professional facial treatments are a must-have to reach skin care goals. An at-home skin care routine is important to extend these treatments. As the ultra-glowy results from a facial only last for about 30 days, a detailed home care routine will keep the progression moving forward instead of falling back.

Stonebriar Spa Facials Use The Best Products

Stonebriar SPA Facials are some of the best available because of the immense product choices the Esthetician has to use during the facial. Each SPA Facial is customized for what your skin needs using products from Eminence Organics that focuses on plant-based, vitamin rich ingredients and Rhonda Allison that offers cosmeceutical skin care products. The Esthetician has a choice of more than 40 products for each facial. Every season there is a facial that combines the best of both product lines to address current environmental conditions.

Stonebriar Estheticians are skilled, personable, and highly trained. Each Esthetician has between 12 and 20 years of experience providing Skin Care Facials. They all attend regular training sessions to keep things fresh and exciting by learning about new techniques and products. This keeps each Stonebriar SPA facial experience fresh and innovative.

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