Eyebrow Art Shaping and Tinting Power Brows

One of our most requested services is eyebrow shaping and tinting. What Is Eyebrow Tinting? Well, we are so glad you asked. It’s the artistic process of tinting or adding color to eyebrows with a safe vegetable-based dye, which is most often received in conjunction with a sugaring or waxing hair removal to create a personalized eyebrow shape.

Our clients love the results because it gives them instant beautifully shaped ‘power’ brows.

One of the benefits is that it  allows you to use less brow makeup — you can just get up and go a lot easier than you did before. With crazy busy schedules, getting kids ready for school while getting yourself ready for work, any little bit can help. The results last about 4 weeks and can last longer as you build up pigment in your hair.

Check out the video featuring Carolyn, one of Stonebriar Spa’s experienced and highly trained estheticians, showing the steps she takes when tinting a client’s eyebrows. She explains that there isn’t a one-shape-fits-all when it comes to brows.

Stonebriar Spa’s estheticians always take time with every client to create the shape that best suits them and makes sure that it compliments each person’s unique features and face shape. Shaping the eyebrows prior to tinting with a sugaring hair removal method, or by waxing provides the best results.

Eyebrow tinting truly creates the perfect get-up-and-go brows. You can see in the video how Carolyn protects the surrounding skin to make sure the tint stays in the areas she wants and creates a very precise outline and shape for every client.

Stonebriar Spa has a wide selection of colors that are sure to accommodate your specific color.  Our estheticians take the time to seal the color in, making sure it lasts as long as possible. Once the eyebrows are tinted, it is easier to see and clean up stray hairs and create the perfect shape.

Each session is tailored specifically for you. Our estheticians establish relationships with their clients, taking the time to get to know you and help educate you on the best shape/color for your eye and skin tone. They create beautiful eyebrows that last for about 4 weeks.

If your eyebrows are too light, or you have a hard time finding your perfect eyebrow shape, this may be a great option for you! At Stonebriar Spa, our estheticians are ready to help you achieve your brow goals. Schedule your eyebrow treatment today by calling 972-668-6108, emailing confirm@stonebriarspa.com or online.

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