Natural Nail Care

Providing Natural Nail Care in Frisco, TX

At Stonebriar spa, we focus on providing natural nail care. Understanding the products and the ingredients used for your nails is a great way to protect the overall health of your nails.

Here are 5 tips on keeping your nails healthy and beautiful in-between your manicure and pedicures.

  1. Keep your nails and skin Hydrated

Keeping your cuticles and skin healthy and moisturized is pivotal in the overall health and wellness of your nails. When you apply moisturizer to your hands and feet, make sure to massage them into your cuticles. One of our favorite products to use is our Zents Concreta intensive balm. Not only does this nourish and hydrate your skin, but with its variety of soothing and calming scents, it is sure to put you in a total state of relaxation.

  1. Biotin and more Biotin

Are your nails frail and brittle? Do they break easily? Well, some studies show that taking daily biotin can really help increase the length and life of your nails, leaving you with gorgeous and stronger nails. Biotin is the B-Vitamins, also known as vitamin b7. A deficiency in biotin can result in weak nails. Talk to your doctor about possibly taking a supplement if this is something that you struggle with.

  1. Use protection when it comes to your hands

We mean gloves! When handling daily chemicals and hot water, be sure to protect your hands and nails from any exposure. Cleaning dishes in hot and soapy water can leave your hands hot and can cause damage to your fingernails. Keep a clean pair of gloves handy when your gardening or cleaning as well. Winter is quickly approaching (Christmas anyone?) and your hands will get flaky and dry. be sure to wear mittens or gloves and keep your hands hydrated in the brisk winter weather!

  1. Watch what you eat

We know – this one can be a tough one but keep in mind that what you put into your body affects the way your body works. Nails are made of a protein called keratin and the same way that this can affect the health of your skin and the strength of your hair, you can improve the overall life and health of your nails by watching what your eating and making some changes to your diet. Along with biotin, taking fish oils and Vitamin E can really help create stronger and clearer nails.

  1. Read the labels

We have all been there-you’re in between nail appointments and you want to do a quick polish change. Just remember, not all polishes and products are created equal. Educate yourself on what you’re using and make sure that the products you have are chemical-free and good for your nails and skin. While this may seem like a pain at first,  your nails will thank you later. From nail polish remover to the actual polishes, there are great alternatives to your everyday routine.

One of the primary things that we focus on at Stonebriar Spa, is making sure that the products we use are the very best and most natural option for our clients. Our professionally trained nail techs take the time to really listen and understand your needs. From your initial consultation, they will help put in place a routine that will better the health and wellness of your nails, all while making them look their very best. We have clients that have been with us for years and continue to come because of the personalized and detailed attention they receive at our spa. We also provide seasonal and special packages that are sure to make your special occasion an even better one. If you would like to make an appointment for a manicure or pedicure, contact us today!