Welcome Spring with NEW Jane Iredale Makeup

Update your look and spirit with a Jane Iredale makeup consult – free with any 50+ minute Stonebriar Spa facial.  We’d love to introduce you to this mineral makeup line that’s really, really good for your skin – free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, or GMO ingredients. As self-care advocates, we believe an important element of overall wellness includes what you put on your skin – including your makeup.

Jane Iredale Makeup cosmetics

Jane Iredale cosmetics

And of course, it has to be easy to use! Your Stonebriar Spa Esthetician has extensive training to color match your skin and enhance your natural beauty. The colors are brilliant and rich in pigmented hues for long-wearing performance. Discover how to illuminate eyes, cheeks, and lips with just the right amount of shimmer and shine.

Jane Iredale’s foundations offer sun protection, antioxidants, and botanicals that nurture and protect your skin. They are also water-resistant, so it’s not going to run off of your face. For those of you who hate the feeling of makeup, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin. PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation works well for all skin types and comes in 24 shades to match your tone.

The Hydration Sprays can be used to set your makeup and create a long-lasting, flawless finish. Each has its own unique aromatherapy and skincare benefits.

D2O Hydration Spray – Ylang Ylang helps to hydrate and plump skin cells

POMMISST Hydration Spray – Pomegranate Extract acts as a powerful antioxidant and UV protector

Balance Hydration Spray – Balance your skin’s natural oil production and pH with Orange Essential Oil, Orange Peel Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit Peel Extract and Algae Extract.

makeup and brush

Freshen up your look!

All of Jane Iredale’s Hydration Sprays are ECOCERT Natural and Organic certified. Use them after foundation is applied and in the middle of the day for a makeup refresher. They also smell absolutely incredible, so it feels like being in a spa every time you spritz your face.

Step One: Simply apply the PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation with the Handi Brush using downward strokes. To use the powder as a concealer, or for full coverage, simply use the Flocked Sponge to gently press and roll the product wherever you need the coverage.

Step Two: To set your powder, spritz with the Hydration Spray of your choice.

Being intentional with your skincare means your products need to have exceptional ingredients and require minimal time and effort to use. Experience the difference with Jane Iredale makeup!