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Body Waxing – Sugaring Frisco, TX

This waxing or sugaring hair removal category includes legs, arms, underarms, back, shoulders, and bikini. Regular exfoliation of these areas will provide the best results. We highly recommend using exfoliating gloves and/or a sugar scrub several times each week.

Bikini waxing started around the time the bikini became popular – mid-1940s. As the years went by and garments got shorter, it has become a priority to groom the pubic area to be able to gracefully sport new bikini styles. But women do not only wax their intimate area for the sake of fashion, but there are also other reasons:

Having less hair in the pubic area is hygienic. It helps to keep the area dry and clean.

Hair takes longer to grow back when you wax/sugar, allowing you to feel smooth for longer. Since hair is pulled out at the root when waxing, it does not grow back in a couple of days, as it usually does with shaving.

The more bikini waxes you get, the easier they become. This is because the hair follicle weakens, causing hair to grow thinner.

Stonebriar Spa offers two varieties of bikini styles:

Classic- removes hair that could show through a bikini: hair on the upper part of the thigh and below the belly button. All the remaining hair is trimmed clean. The amount of hair removed depends on the type of bikini you’re going to wear. This style is probably the best way to go for women who are planning to have their first bikini wax and want to keep things clean and trim but are not worried about complete intimate hair removal.

French – all hair on the upper thighs, the sides of the labia, and on the front of your intimate area will be removed, except for a thin vertical strip of hair left on the front. This line is usually called a landing strip.

Getting waxed or sugared regularly every three to four weeks throughout the entire year, not just during the summer months is the secret to both less pain and better results. For ideal results, there are a few things you can do pre and post appointment:

  • Make sure your hair is long enough. Waxing requires 2 to 3 weeks of growth. Sugaring can be done with less growth – typically 3 to 5 days.
  • Schedule your appointment 2 to 3 days before you leave for vacation or before a special event just in case you have a reaction. Avoid getting a bikini wax right before or during your period. You’re super sensitive from about five days before through the end of your period.
  • Keep your skin moisturized but don’t put moisturizer on right before your waxing or sugaring appointment. Use a light moisturizer (aloe or arnica based) after – not a heavy one that can clog your pores. Steer clear of any topical treatment with fragrance or alcohol for at least 24 hours post-wax.
  • Let us know if this is your first waxing or sugaring experience. We’ll talk you through it!
  • You can even take an over the counter pain reliever 30 minutes prior to your appointment or arrive early and enjoy a glass of wine.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to your body waxing or sugaring appointment. Wearing tight clothing could cause sweat and bacteria to get trapped near the hair-free follicles. This could lead to (temporary) inflamed bumps and irritation.
  • Schedule your next appointment before you leave to keep on a regular schedule. After you’ve been waxing or sugaring for a while and your hair starts coming in sparser and you might be able to wait longer between appointments.
  • Post-appointment you should avoid things that might irritate the area. That includes sex (after Brazilian waxing or sugaring), hot baths, working out, and using hot water. These things can cause ingrown hairs, pimples, and rashes. For the next couple of days, you want to keep the area cool and clean.