corrective facial - Advanced Corrective Facial Treatment

Advanced Corrective Facial Treatment 

Brightening, Smoothing & Clarifying 

This customized Jan Marini facial treatment addresses some of the most stubborn, persistent skin conditions. Your Esthetician will combine powerful, science backed products to brighten  (Sun damage,  discoloration), Smooth (fine lines, wrinkles and texture) and clarify (hormonal acne and skin impurities). These long-term conditions often require an intense treatment plan and diligent home-care using JMSC for optimal and accelerated results.

We highly recommend a series of 3 to 6 treatments, 7 to 14 days apart before going on a maintenance schedule of monthly facials. Your Esthetician will also recommend products specific to your needs and that will provide measurable results.

It’s not necessary to pay a lot of $$$ upfront for a series of facials. Take advantage of our facial lifestyle discounts: 20% when you return within 14 days and 10% when you return within 30 days.

50 Minutes $150.00 Per Person
80 Minutes $215.00 Per Person

Enhancements Price
Microcurrent 60
Wet Dry Exfoliation 60
Oxgen Therapy 60
LED Light Therapy 25-60