Deep Pressure Massage - Stonebriar Spa Frisco, TX

Deep Pressure Massage Frisco, TX

The Best Deep Pressure Massage in Frisco, TX to relieve muscle tension.

Experiencing tension headaches or discomfort caused by muscle overuse? Muscles around your shoulders, back, and head get tight causing tension headaches. When you challenge your body physically, you should be treating your muscles to massage therapy. Experience a good clinical massage from the best massage therapists in Frisco, TX to remain active and injury-free.

Deep pressure massage targets lower layers of muscle tissue integrating overall tension release. Relieve muscle tension and activity-induced soreness with many of the same movements and techniques as the Swedish massage, but with more intense pressure.

Regular massage sessions will train your muscles to relax and relieve chronic tension. Consider alternating relaxing and deep pressure massage depending on what your body needs that day.

Pressure Massage Adjusted to You

If the massage pressure feels too deep or light, be sure to let your therapist know so they can accommodate your personal preference. Pain tolerance is unique for each client – medium touch for one client might be another client’s deep pressure. You will be asked about pressure – please answer honestly and completely. It is one of the most important parts of your massage.


50 mins $130.00 Per Person
80 mins $180.00 Per Person
100 mins $205.00 Per Person
110 mins $240.00 Per Person

Enhancements available to elevate your deep pressure massage experience

Enhancements Price
Aromatherapy $20
Dry brush exfoliation $30
CBD treatment (per area) $25 - $60
LED Light Therapy (per area) $25 - $60
Stones (per area) $25