Facial Toning Treatment

This service will help your skin feel tighter and younger. Promoting the production of collagen and elastin microcurrent gives you an instant lift. Option to finish the treatment with LED light to target a relevant skin concern (acne, wrinkles, pigmentation).

Maximum benefits will be seen after 6 – 8 treatments over 3 to 4 weeks. We highly recommend 2 treatments a week for 3 weeks, followed by monthly visits.

It’s not necessary to pay a lot of $$$ upfront for a series of facials. Take advantage of our facial lifestyle discounts: 20% when you return within 14 days and 10% when you return within 30 days.

Facial Toning Treatment $140.00 Per Person
Facial Toning Facial $190.00 Per Person

Enhancements Price
Wet Dry Exfoliation $60
Oxygen Therapy $60
LED light therapy $25 - $60