Glo2Facial in Frisco Draws Oxygen To The Surface of Your Skin, Nourishing Your Face from the Inside Out

Glo2Facial is the go-to treatment for rebalanced beauty that utilizes patented Oxfoliation and the body’s natural superpowers to deliver clean, calm, and naturally hydrated skin.

This sophisticated and clinical treatment is based on a 3-step process of Oxfoliation, LUX (lite ultrasound) and Detoxification, delivering immediate and long-lasting results.

Frisco’s Best Glo is at Stonebriar Spa

Oxfoliation uses cutting-edge technology to create a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the surface of the skin. This draws the body’s natural oxygen to the skin increasing the skin’s oxygen levels creating nourishment from the inside out.

LUX or light Ultrasound gently stimulates and conditions the skin using micro-vibrations. This step is extremely important as it smooths the skin and increases permeability, allowing it to fully absorb the active ingredients and nutrients used in the customized serum.

Detox delivers a gentle massage that treats the skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage helps detoxify the skin, improves the flow of blood and oxygen, and drains built-up fluids to show off the natural contours of your face.

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Ultimate Glo2Facial 80 min
Everything great from the Glo2Facial and add in your choice of microcurrent or LED lights and an additional relaxing massage. Your skin is sure to thank you

Glo2Facial 50 min $250.00
Ultimate Glo2Facial 80 min $350.00