CBD Massage - Stonebriar Spa Frisco, TX

A delicious blend of botanicals are used to enhance pure relaxation of the muscles. A special Antara Balance Oil is absorbed through the skin and into the tissue to support body systems without mind-altering side effects.

After careful research, we have chosen Antara Balance Oil with the cleanest ingredients. Antara Balance Oil’s organic ingredients are pure, chemical free and processed without heat, causing maximum potency.

This massage has multiple benefits. It can help you…

  • de-stress
  • sleep better
  • reduce inflammation
  • hydrate
  • slow the aging process
50 mins $155.00 Per Person
80 mins $200.00 Per Person
100 mins $235.00 Per Person
110 mins $275.00 Per Person

Enhancements available to elevate your CBD relief massage experience

Enhancements Price
Aromatherapy $20
Dry brush exfoliation $30
CBD Treatment (per area) $25-60
LED Light Therapy (per area) $25 - $60
Stones (per area) $25