What Type of Massage Should I Get?

Looking at a selection of massage treatment options is a little like being at a buffet and seeing several very appealing options. Which massage should you get? What is the difference between types? Are they all basically the same, or are there significant differences between types? We’d like to give you an overview of the types of massage therapy treatments available at Stonebriar Spa below.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage - foot massageA therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage that helps to relieve pain, reduce stress, or treat a specific problem area. Therapeutic does not necessarily mean an extremely strong massage. The experienced massage therapists at Stonebriar Spa will apply the specific techniques and the right amount of pressure to properly address your needs. This customized massage will help relieve chronic pain and improve mobility. Heat will be used to penetrate deep into the underlying muscles and combined with advanced techniques such as trigger point, sports, reflexology, cranial sacral and myofascial. You may experience some mild discomfort during this massage, as pain spindles begin working again, pinched nerves are released, and knots are broken up.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage - Frisco Massage at Stonebriar SpaA relaxation massage is a gentle Swedish-style massage to help you relax. During a Swedish massage, your therapist will use kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements, and passive joint movements. These techniques are meant to relax you, stimulate nerve endings, and increase blood flow and lymph drainage. In a relaxation massage, there is less emphasis on releasing the adhesions or “knots” and tightness in the muscle tissue. This is a good choice if you are getting a massage for the first time or would like to reduce your stress level and tension. This massage may loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising. It can be beneficial for those who hold tension in their lower back, shoulders, or neck. This massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and is sometimes referred to as a “classic massage.”

Deep Pressure Massage

deep pressure massage in Frisco TXA deep pressure massage targets lower layers of muscle tissue. Muscle tension is released and soreness is reduced with many of the same movements and techniques as a Swedish-style massage, but with more intense pressure. Deep pressure is required to access the deeper layers of muscle and tissue and encourage tension release while easing general aches and pains and stimulating the circulatory system. The massage is performed using deep finger pressure with slow, firm strokes. Deep pressure massage is ideal for the treatment of major muscle groups such as the neck and lower back. It can also be used to relieve muscle strain and treat joint and tendon pain.

Our skilled therapists will gauge their pressure based on your preferences and how your muscles are responding to the techniques being used.  It is always helpful to let your therapist know if a particular area needs more pressure or further attention.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is ideal to relax, increase energy, relieve discomfort and help prepare the body for labor. Many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy can be addressed: backache, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (or swelling). In addition, massage for pregnant women reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to improve sleep quality, and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. Our experienced massage therapists know how to position your body and which techniques are safe to use. Regular massage during your pregnancy may prevent the aches and pains of stretched ligaments and prevent excessive swelling. For your safety, prenatal massage during the first trimester will only be performed with a doctor’s note.

Stone Massage

massage stones a towel and oilA stone massage is similar in technique to a Swedish-style therapeutic massage to release muscle tension, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. Round, smooth stones are heated, oiled, and used in the palm of the therapist’s hands. Heat penetrates deeply, prompting relaxation, detoxification, and relief of muscular tension, stress and fatigue. It helps increase blood while reducing muscle spasms and increasing flexibility and range of motion. Hot stone massage is best for people who have muscle pain and tension or who desire deep relaxation.

At Stonebriar Spa, our massage therapists are highly trained, experienced, and licensed. If you have an area of particular concern, such as lower back pain or a tight neck, you can ask your therapist to spend more time in this area. Depending on your preferences, you can ask your massage therapist to use light, medium, or firm pressure. If the massage pressure feels too deep or too light, be sure to let your therapist know so they can accommodate your personal preference.