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Eyebrow Tinting Frisco, TX

Eyebrow Tinting is the artistic process of tinting (adding color) to eyebrows with a safe vegetable-based dye, which is most often received in conjunction with sugaring or waxing hair removal to create a personalized eyebrow shape.

Stonebriar Spa Estheticians help you choose the best brow color based on your complexion, eye color, hair color, and the color of your hair’s roots. For women with lighter hair (blondes and redheads), the coloring will typically go about two shades darker than the roots. If you already have dark hair and brows, it’s better to go lighter – dark brown or black tint on the brows is just too harsh.

Mixing base colors create customized options with a multitude of color shades. The skin around the brow is protected to make sure the tint stays in the right areas and creates a very precise outline and shape for every client.

Eyelash Tinting Frisco, TX

Eyelash Tinting involves fewer color choices: blue-black (darkest option), black, brown, or a mixture of black & brown. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your eyes closed through the whole lash tint and not make facial expressions that can move the protective eye covers.

Both the lower and upper lashes will be coated with the tint. Processing time will be around 8 to 10 minutes during which your Esthetician will provide a relaxing hand massage.

Tinting typically lasts three to four weeks, but it can vary from person to person. The pigment will build up in your lashes and brows over time if you tint on a regular basis. You can help extend your dye job by keeping brows moisturized. We recommend putting on a serum or oil to keep the hair hydrated. Moisture is usually the key ingredient to keeping healthy longer, no matter what you’re doing. Remember to always be gentle around your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes and remove mascara with a gentle, creamy cleanser.

Each session is tailored specifically for you. Our Estheticians establish relationships with their clients, taking the time to get to know you and help educate you about the tinting process.